29 August 2010


I thought it might be informative if I did a "six-month report" describing how I feel about living at Small Pond Arts in Prince Edward County versus living in Toronto, and for this "report" I decided to illustrate (and slightly customize) the lyrics of "(Nothing But) Flowers" by Talking Heads.

For best effect, click here (in a new browsing tab) and listen to the song while reading this entry.

13 August 2010

Our Cousin Amitesh

Thank you, o miraculous internet.  Thank you for connecting us with Amitesh Verma, Small Pond Arts’ first international resident, who is spending two months with us on the farm, making art.
Amitesh comes to us all the way from New Delhi, India, where he is a full-time painter.  He is one of India’s most exciting young artists; his work has been exhibited in some of the country’s most prestigious galleries, and has been sold at auction houses including Christie’s
Amitesh has taken over our horse barn as his studio space, and the suitability of this locale is not lost on this artist who is so well known for his paintings of horses. 
We recently visited The Academy Gallery in Bath.  Amitesh enjoyed the picturesque ride on the Glenora Ferry.
Amitesh brought with him a large selection of drawings from his personal collection, drawings that were created over the last four years during his travels in Turkey, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Italy and Russia.  These works were displayed for two weeks in the Small Pond Gallery, alongside Milé’s work, for a two-person show they called Cousins.  The title of the show reflects the familial bond that was created between the two from the moment they met.
Starting August 21, 2010, Small Pond will be showing From Chapra to Canada, a series of new paintings that  Amitesh has created during his residency.  They will be on display until September 6, when Amitesh heads home.
This 5'3" x 5'3" oil on canvas is one of many works created during Amitesh's residency
Undertaking international artist residencies profoundly informs and influences Amitesh’s work, as new locales and relationships fuel his imagination. After a brief stop back in New Delhi, he’ll be heading to California State University in October, where he will be a visiting lecturer/artist and will have a solo show in Sacramento.
No trip to Prince Edward County is complete without a visit to Sandbanks Provincial Park
Amitesh is not only a magnificent artist, he is also a fabulous cook, an excellent dancer, and quite possibly one of India’s most eligible bachelors.  We are lucky enough to call him our friend, but also the newest member of our eclectic artistic family.  If you are in our area in the coming weeks, please make sure to stop by and meet Amitesh and see some of his wonderful work.