19 July 2013

A Very Small Pond Wedding

This is my sister Meagan and her new husband Tim. Aren’t they a couple of cutie-pies?
Tim Nikita and Meagan Dalby, pic by Shutterbird Photography
I first met Tim a few years ago when Meagan brought him out to Small Pond on his 30th birthday. Tim was kind of quiet, but I liked him right away, and it was pretty obvious how Meagan felt about him. Over the last few years they've spent a lot of time at the farm; they love Prince Edward County and live just a few hours away in Ottawa. Meagan called me after they got engaged, and we talked about the possibility of them getting married at Small Pond. It had become a very special place for them, and after organizing countless festivals and theatrical productions, I’m pretty unfazed by putting on huge events. Thus was the beginning of their picture-perfect country wedding.

In the days prior, there was much, much crafting:

And deliveries of beer:

I loved watching the big top go up:

 Thankfully we had lots of friends and family around to pitch in getting ready for the big day..

And there was yoga class to ensure things didn't become too much of a circus:

The day arrived and the weather was gorgeous. After bridal party preparations at The Manse, we headed back to Small Pond. Handmade touches were everywhere, including the bride's bouquet made by my sister Brittany:
Kelly Taylor Photography
My niece Brooklynn was the flower girl. Shiny as a new penny, she carried the rings in a bird's nest.

Kelly Taylor Photography
There was a little live music to help set the mood:

Adam Fogo and Tara Porter, Kelly Taylor Photography
Our father and mother walked Meagan up the aisle... er... grass path...

Kelly Taylor Photography
The ceremony was brief and beautiful, and took place in the clearing, in front of Trudy, a 1967 vintage trailer...
Just married! Kelly Taylor Photography
Kelly Taylor Photography
Our silo banner this year was made by my other sister Caitlin, and the theme of locks and keys with hearts was found throughout the decor...

Kelly Taylor Photography
Meagan LOVES a pinata, so of course we had one of those:

Kelly Taylor Photography
We wiled away the evening under the tent, with a great meal, much dancing and laughter, and the loveliest bartender - our resident artist from Australia, Georga Ryan!

Kelly Taylor Photography
Milé was an incredible MC, with good jokes and his characteristic charm:

Kelly Taylor Photography

And there was food, food, food...
Amazing desserts made with love by Tim's mom
Kelly Taylor Photography
It couldn't have been a more perfect wedding. We were so happy to help make Meg and Tim's day such a special one.
Kelly Taylor Photography
If you're looking for a unique venue for a country wedding or creative event, let's talk! Get in touch at info(at)smallpondarts.ca

05 July 2013

Small Pond Visits Heartfit Farm


On Tuesday this week I visited George and Cristina at their vast 80-acre farm in Frankford, Ontario, to demonstrate how to build a scarecrow with their current guests...and we had a blast!

Heartfit Farm is "a working farm offering experiential, interactive farm fun as a vacation destination for adults with intellectual disabilities, high functioning Autism, and guests with Aspergers from 19-50 years old." Krista and I visited there a few months ago  to see what kinds of things we could offer from our various skill sets in order to foster a relationship with these friendly folks just north of Belleville, and this week's scarecrow making was our first collaboration. Also, their farm is gorgeous, so it's just nice to visit there.

The proud builders.

I brought most of the necessary supplies (wooden crosspost, clothing, assembly tools) and guided the enthusiastic bunch as they put together their first scarecrow. The boys wheeled over a wheelbarrow full of straw for stuffing and, in under an hour, voilà! A scarecrow is born.

Now on duty.

After much deliberation during the entire building process, a name for the scarecrow was finally decided upon and Percy was temporarily set up outside the garden (he'll be installed inside later). Look at the size of that rhubarb!

Bonus stilting demo.

I was running short on time (I had a looming appointment for an oil change) but I still had my stilts in the back of the van from my gig on Main Street Picton for Canada Day on Monday, so I figured it'd be fun to strap 'em on and give a brief demo for my new friends.

Green eggs and a ham.

They've got lots of animals at the farm and their chickens are really beautiful and, it's kind of hard to see here, but some of them lay green eggs. For real.