01 April 2015

Sixth Season Excitement!

May 2015 sees the commencement of the sixth season of Small Pond Arts and >OMG!< we're so amped up for it we can barely contain ourselves. Along with much of the usual monkeyshines and shenanigans (see list below) we'll be adding some exciting new events and activities like Krista's Re:Collections project and my own various adventures in painting.

As you can imagine, we've been up to some weird and wonderful things over the past five years, what with all the stick worshipping, action poses, time travelmaking portable lamps, insomnia, drought, hundreds of visitors, thermodynamicsterrifying effigies, national puppet indoctrination, international puppet indoctrination, making entire kingdomspizza ovens, messing up paintingsbig-top parties, shit-shed revivals, first world problemsavian misadventures, other avian misadventures, rock videosbowel movements, getting pickled, consuming lots of sugar, coronations, 8-bit disappointment, and the usual year-end wrap-ups.

That's not even a comprehensive list! LOL!

Sure, you can totes click the links and read about Small Pond's history and activities, but what if you find that a little too time-consuming and boring? Rest easy; like the kids these days –you know...with their hula hoops and their fax machines– we've adopted bleeding-edge modern technology to bring you a concise, deftly-edited, and superbly-scored compendium of every single thing we've done since February 2010.

That's right: our obsessive fascination with documenting every single thing has finally paid off and you, too, can relive the past five years (not in real-time, obvi) in excruciating/glorious high-def and 5.1 surround sound.