27 September 2015

Stickfest 2015

On Saturday we welcomed friends old and new to the annual Festival of the Stick, our much-loved celebration of the humble and mighty stick. This year's featured activity was Kubb, a game we picked up in Sweden a few months ago.

The game involves two teams throwing sticks at each other's "kubbs" - blocks of wood. It looks pretty simplistic but it's quite challenging and extremely fun! Kubb was a big hit with our residents over the summer, so we knew it would be the perfect activity to celebrate Stickfest.

We also had our ever-popular stick-painting activity. We love seeing kids mucking around with paint. Get 'em hooked while they're young, I say!

But the heart of Stickfest is our pop-up Stick Museum. 

Visitors are always delighted to discover that yes, there really are a lot of different sticks in the world, and that we have gone to great (ridiculous?) lengths collecting specimens from around the world and displaying them in informative and creative ways.

We had some fantastick new donations to the museum, like this Anarchistick from Christine Renaud:

A bundle of Artisticks from Rick Zimmerman: 

And this spectacularly bug-carved stick from Joan McBride:

Stickfest is always a great time; maybe next year you'll join us? Our friend Ember will tell you what to do: