16 March 2010

Blackbird Before Breakfast

Early this morning I was working in my office, when Milé shouted from the dining room, "Someone is trying to get in through the vent!" Uh, what?

Our house has several old chimneys where wood stoves used to be. One of these vents into the dining room, and is covered by a removeable pie-plate-type cover. And now something (someone?) was pushing against this cover, trying to get in.

Milé left me holding the plate against the wall while he went outside to see what he could see - which was nothing. He came back in and grabbed a garbage can and a cookie sheet to try and trap the invader. Guy came downstairs, having just woken up, and put on his safety goggles. I got the video camera. And this is what ensued:

There's nothing like a blackbird before breakfast to get your day off to an interesting start!


  1. Brookie and I literally just watched this video 9 times, and hysterically laughed each time. She wants me to type "it's so awesome and it's so funny". LOL!

  2. Ha ha! Reminds me of when I got a call at work, in the background I could hear my daughters screaming and crashing! Thinking disasterous thoughts, It dawned on me: there was a bat in house! I told them to get a badminton racket and call back to let me know the results. The result was they then thought it is called a "Bat-minton" racket! But they got it, poor thing.
    Great writing!