21 June 2011


So Small Pond Arts is featured in the 2011 summer issue of County Magazine. Neat! It's quite a substantial article --and look at that cover! (read more about that painting HERE)

At left is Krista with the big blue hands of a future giant puppet, and at right is me doing some gardening. Basically, business as usual at Small Pond.

LEFT PAGE: clockwise from upper left: my portrait of Ted Maczka from my recent Field to Canvas series; me in my studio/gallery, grinning like a doofus; me and Krista sitting in our outhouse; and my portrait of George Emlaw (also from F2C).

RIGHT PAGE: clockwise from top: Krista with her Punch & Judy puppets (and me sneaking a smooch); my watercolour painting of a skull on Yupo plastic; my oil painting, Fuel 2; and my portrait of John Nyman (also from F2C).

Top to bottom: me and Krista next to our main sign; Krista posing with out giant puppet, Bacchus; and another shot of me looking cheeky in the my studio/gallery.

Left page: another watercolour painting on plastic (which I'm using in my own blog's header. Right page: me inside another future giant puppet, our sugar shack guy (and in the background, our famous Silo).

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