23 October 2014


Four and a half year's ago, we had our first close encounter with a blackbird here at Small pond. Earlier this week, we were confronted with this slightly more intense sight right out of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds:

I had gone into the kitchen to get some water and a quick glance out the window revealed a bunch of birds on our front yard. I filled my glass and, while taking a long, cool drink, I looked outside again and realized that "bunch of birds" numbered in the dozens. I called out to Krista to come and look while I got my camera and by then it seemed there were hundreds gathering.

I couldn't get a great shot capturing the whole scene from inside the house, but I was worried opening the front door would scare them off. Krista thought they might be crows so I risked it and went outside and caught a few seconds of them on video before they took off.

Krista was watching through binoculars by now and it turns out they were Brewer's Blackbirds. Minutes later they were flying off in the distance behind the silo, heading east...

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