19 May 2015

Wind & Water

This past weekend we kicked off our sixth season at Small Pond Arts with our annual banner-raising party. This year’s banner, Wind & Water, was a collaboration between me and Leanne Shea Rhem, the greatly talented textile artist who created last year’s banner of the pileated woodpecker.

Following her artist residency at Small Pond last spring, Leanne and her partner, artist Zac Kenny, moved to Picton (beware to fellow residents – Prince Edward County truly has an irresistible charm!).

A few weeks ago, Leanne launched the pop-up studio for her company, Gold & Ginger, at The House of Falconer in downtown Picton.

The House of Falconer
Built in 1858, this architectural gem was recently purchased by Alex Fida and will be getting a complete renovation in the years to come. But for now, it is a fascinating trip back in time, peeling wallpaper and all. 

Leanne at work in her studio
It is in this inspiring environment that Leanne and I assembled this year’s banner. We started by laying it out on the floor...

...Then tacked it down by hand...

And Leanne sewed it all together. Prince Edward County is surrounded by water and is rather windy place, and we wanted the banner to have some movement to it to play with the elements. I think it turned out beautifully! 

Up she goes!

In a somewhat bizarre coincidence, I bought this old bike at a contents sale at House of Falconer last May, simply because I liked the look of it. I spray painted it blue and mounted it as an art installation. The bike belonged to Thera Falconer, a former resident and the namesake of House of Falconer.

Following the banner-raising we had a creative potluck; we asked our guests to bring food that incorporated the "six" theme. They did not disappoint!

Six-bean salad, six-fruit platter, six-layer cake, etc... yummy!
Thanks to everyone who came out to the celebration and helped us raise the banner, and special thanks to Leanne for her wonderful work and use of her studio. 

Look up - waaaay up!
Stop by Small Pond this season to check out the banner - especially dramatic if it's a windy day - and if you're in Picton make sure to pop into The House of Falconer at 1 Walton Street and visit Leanne's studio.

UPDATE: Check out the video to see how this beauty moves...

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  1. The banner is fab! I will defo have to stop by and peek at it in person :)