04 August 2011

Corn Field of Dreams

As part of our Cornography event we asked our audience to write down, on corn-shaped pieces of paper, their responses to "My dream for the future of food is..." These dreams were then paraded through the forest, accompanied by a young fiddler, and 'planted' in a field.

We called this The Corn Field of Dreams.  I found the responses that people wrote very moving and occasionally hilarious.  Here they are.


  •          A food system that respects all life – both human and more than human
  •          Stability.  No one goes hungry.
  •          That all food will be chemical free and completely organic.
  •          Sustainability, less abuse of animals, more nutrition, less cutting corners, food is the basis of everything; we need to solve our food problems to solve all our problems.
  •          A whole diet, community supported agriculture system.
  •          To grow my own food, all year round, by way of garden and greenhouse.  And to prepare all my own and my family’s food, without need to purchase prepared foods.
  •          Millions of small farmers, homesteaders, backyard gardeners.
  •          The end of Walmart and the fair compensation for the hard work of farmers.
  •          Grow my own.
  •          To be able to afford food.
  •          Loootsss of Chinese (x 2! I assume they mean Chinese food?)
  •          A garden for every home
  •          Everyone growing their own goodness!
  •          The onion recognized as the true hero it is.
  •          ?
  •          (little kid scribbles)
  •          No chemicals, no preservatives, all natural, only will (?) what you immediately need.
  •          Slot machine spitting out delicious wheels of stinky orange cheese.
  •          People able to grow enough good food for all.  Real food.  Not no-till genetically modified crops.
  •          Sustainability, local organic food, enough for all.
  •          One pill that provides all nutrition.
  •          That all will have enough to eat their fill and reach their potential.
  •          A society where everyone eats wild foods.
  •          There will be enough for everyone.
  •          Everyone has a garden, every child knows the feel of dirt and seeds and the joy of planting it and watching it grow, eating it and fully enjoying.
  •          To have a brand new chocolate bar named after me!
  •          To grow communities where no one is hungry and everyone eats healthy.
  •          Less processing!
  •          Healthy bacon!
  •          To have food not fixed by chemicals, great in taste, healthy to eat.
  •          Appreciated, happy farmers who are well paid and share their love of good food.  Natural, tasty, wholesome food from the fields because farmers still feed cities.
  •          To not have to go to the supermarket because we grow or exchange what we grow for things we don’t need + Monsanto closed down!
  •          I want to own a dairy farm, make cheese, raise bacon honey and barley, eat a hot lunch at a long table and sleep and wake with the sun.
  •          Make candy healthy.
  •          I like to eat corn.  Yellow corn on the cob.
  •          Natural land and soil for planting millions of miles.
  •          More for everyone at a sustainable rate.  Possible?  Meh, it’s a dream.
  •          Natural, unprocessed, tasty, simple to prepare.
  •          That multi-national corporations cannot continue to patent food and screw people over
  •      No factory farms – only organic family farms.
  •          Pay farmers better, shift subsidies to foods that are good for us, especially vegetables and eat less meat.
  •          Unprocessed, fat free, natural.
  •          To eat less corn and to plant more crops!
  •          Local, natural, organic, wholesome, fresh, yummy.
  •          Grown in Fiona’s garden.
Thanks to everyone for sharing their dreams.  Let's keep dreaming together!  To read more about Cornography, click HERE.

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