11 September 2013

The Artists' Trail

There is a path in our woods. We call it the Artists' Trail. 

Visiting artists and guests are invited to create a piece of art and leave it on the trail, and everyone is welcome to explore it.

It's hard to resist the call of a path cut through the trees.

Let me show you a few things along the trail. DUCK!

It's a bone mobile. Most people run into it.

We maintain the path, but let nature entangle itself with the artwork.

Wind and water take their toll on every piece in one way or another. This carving by Peter Paylor was a light golden colour when we installed it:

 Many have left their mark here.

And their bright ideas...

There are love letters...


And a sculpture that you shake to make a wish...

If your wish *happens* to be finding a place to create a sculpture in nature, then you are in luck!

When you reach the end of the trail, there is a view so beautiful we can't show it to you here...

You'll just have to come and see it for yourself.

The public is welcome to explore our trails; just check in at the gallery so we know you're out there!

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