17 September 2019

Silo Heart Banner, 2019

2019 Silo Heart Banner.

While 2019 marked our ninth year here, it is technically our tenth season of operation and, thus, this is our tenth banner. During our usual brainstorming session, I joked that we should do the heart banner from 2010...

2010 Heart Banner.

...but it seemed weird to repeat a design no matter how much we loved it...and we DO very much love that design; it's become sort of our "third logo" (after the oval and circle logos) and the graphic of our silo with a heart banner (below) has shown up on various Small Pond projects (both real and imaginary)...

Silo logo.

...so then I suggested, jokingly, that the logo of the silo with a heart banner should be on the tenth banner. We laughed. And then decided that it was just crazy enough to work both as a humourous and and appropriate approach. But I can guarantee that our 20th and 30th banners won't be an ever-decreasing heart-silo fractal.


After the successes we had using tape and spray paint for the Triskelion, the Don't Give Up, and the Snowy Owl banners, Krista and I used the same technique for this year's banner. This time, though, the grid was more carefully plotted and tighter overall, giving us a more accurate graphic than last year's Snowy Owl (I take the blame for any proportional weirdness on that one).

Taped and Drawn.

We decided to enlarge the heart for greater visibility and impact, and I free-handed it.

Spraying the silo.

Krista once again took care of the painting duties in the workshop.

Spraying the heart.

Old puppets and lanterns monitor the progress.

Removing the tape.

Next to the raising of the banner itself, this is probably the most exciting part: seeing the design revealed for the first time.

As usual, the best shots of the banner are obtained as the sun goes down.

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