11 May 2016

Cardboard Camp

We just hosted our first Cardboard Camp - a weekend for cardboard creators. It was so much fun that I have a sneaking suspicion this may become an annual tradition...

The initial idea was to bring together last year's creators of Boxtopia - a creative cardboard kingdom for kids - to work together in building our new installation for the upcoming Skeleton Park Arts festival. That is, Chrissy Poitras, Nell Casson, Kevin Merritt, Holly Gilmour and myself. Then we opened it up the weekend to other cardboard enthusiasts - and YES! We know they're out there, and a few of them found us!

Agnes and Jen hit the road for Cardboard Camp
Agnes Niewiadomski and Jen van Overbeeke are some Waterloo artists with mad cardboard skills (seriously, check out their websites); it was so great to have them join us.

We started the weekend with a little brainstorm about a theme... we soon decided on "Rock'n'Roll Arcade." I'm not going to share too many pictures, because I want to keep most of our amazing creations a surprise for the big reveal at Skeleton Park Arts Festival, June 25 & 26 in Kingston. 

Once we had a theme, things started happening pretty quickly. What does making magic out of cardboard look like? Something like this:

My pal Ramona even got in the spirit of Cardboard Camp by wheeling around this cardboard frog...

After a few days we were feelin' pretty pleased with ourselves...

We can't wait to share with you the results of our crafty and corrugated weekend... see you June 25 in Kingston!

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