01 May 2016

Small Pond Trading Cards, Part 1

To celebrate six years of Small Pond Arts and our upcoming Season 7, we've created a set of 77 trading cards* featuring some of the characters and scenes that have made Small Pond a very special and magical place.

Unlike the fake-but-fun DVD Box Set from last year, you can actually (probably...more or less...I guess) print these out if you really want to have physical cards** to collect and trade with your friends (we're not printing or selling them, so have fun!).

I based the design of this set very closely on the second (red) series of trading cards Topps made for Star Wars back in 1977. The red-bordered Star Wars cards resonate with me on a very particular nostalgic level (so do the orange-bordered cards), and having them as Small Pond keepsakes (even virtual ones) makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I even tried to recreate the low-quality photographic reproductions by severely degrading our photos, and I wrote captions mimicking their enthusiastic style. The images were chosen carefully to give a good overview of the first six years of Small Pond, but there's not really a chronological or thematic order.

These cards will be posted in small groups for the next few Sundays, reaching completion the day before our Season Seven Silobration (May 23) where we unveil our new silo banner.

*77 cards including the Title Card (which isn't numbered).

**I didn't prepare anything for the backs; you have my apologies.

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